The Passerelle Collection

With the Passerelle Collection, the Coredem focuses on issues that provoke debate.

Activists from associations, unions, international networks, as well as researchers or lawyers bring together their contributions in this collective publication and its associated spaces of debate called Mercredis de la Coredem.

Objectives of the Collection Passerelle :

 deal with current issues of debate, through analyses and reflections from field and research work;

 bring a decryption on these issues in order to contribute to the politcal debate, the exchange of ideas and the promotion of alternatives;

 support the actors of social transformation with their editorial projects by mutualising information and giving visibility to their productions, always ensuring their independence.

In this section, you will find the different issues of the Passerelle Collection published in English,

The other issues of the collection are also available on line. They were published French, Portuguese, and/or Spanish.

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Unless mentionned otherwise, the Passerelle collection is published under Creative Common licence (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0).