The Climate: Active Transition or Change Inflicted?

“Climate change”, “greenhouse gases”, “rising temperatures”, “ecological crisis”, “energy transition”... Terms that are heard every day and that will be even more heard, less than two weeks before COP 21.

Expressions that often remain confused and seem disconnected from every day reality for a number of people. However, the impacts of climate change are already being felt, especially by the most vulnerable. Throughout the world, citizens struggle to face them and they organise themselves to develop low-carbon lifestyles based on living well together.

The common thread in these local initiatives is that they are moving at a faster rate and going further than the current inter-state processes, and they agree on the fact that the changes required are of a systemic nature. Because, beyond the climate issue, at play is the underlying need to transition to another economic system that is more respectful of social and environmental balances. Faced with the current deadlock on inter-state negotiations and the need to involve a whole array of actors in this race against time, it is crucial that we foster all incentives towards a cohesive fabric, building on common visions of the issues and objectives in order to build fair, sustainable societies.

By giving a voice to local authorities networks and the rich diversity of civil society, the aim of this publication is to play a role in fostering these connections. It seeks to build passerelles (bridges) between these worlds that, although sometimes unaware of one another’s existence, are all, in their own way, resolutely working to accelerate the transition towards post-carbon societies.

Published in three languages and gathering 37 articles, this thirteenth issue of the Passerelle Collection will be presented at various debates around COP21.

It was coordinated by Ritimo in the framework of the Coredem (Community of Sites of Documentary Resources for a Global Democracy), in relation with the Coalition Climat 21 dynamic, of which Ritimo is a member.

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