For Free Information and Open Internet: Independent journalists, community media and hacktivists take action

Ritimo is pleased to introduce the 11th issue of the Passerelle Collection.

This issue of Passerelle, is available in French, Spanish and English. It is published by Ritimo, with the support of the Charles Léopold Mayer Foundation (FPH), seeks to give an overview of the wealth of innovating initiatives going on – both around the right to communication and in the world of IT networks. It brings together journalists, campaigners, academics, communication activists and hacktivists, IT and code lovers from all over the world.

Understanding the technological landscape in front of us is of utmost importance if we want to identify the power relations currently at play in the information sector. The ways of using ICT are shaking up the mainstream media, both in how information is produced and in its dissemination: "They are forcing the mainstream media to redefine the way they work, what their position and what their role is." Technological breakthroughs in the digital sector and the almost instantaneous availability of information are contributing to the emergence of a new media model for the 21st century.

In light of this shift, free media activists are encouraging citizens to empower themselves through distinctive and analytical information that sidetracks and criticises the dominant media ‘system’. They are also developing media that represents a vehicle for popular education (television, newspapers and magazines, radio, websites and video). As building and maintaining democratic societies relies on being able to produce and access information, it’s important to keep assessing the role the media (both new and traditional) plays in our societies.

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