CETIM Centre Europe-Tiers monde

"There is no such thing as a developed and an under-developed world,
There is only a single, badly developed world"

This conclusion marked the creation of the CETIM and, by contesting the prevailing, generally positive, assessment of the Western mode of development, exposed that development to questioning and debate.

"Bad development", ecological as much as economic and social, is not confined to the Third World. It encompasses the entire planet: the spiralling debt and socio-economic stagnation of many Southern countries and the ever-widening gap between the living conditions and consumption levels of the rich and of the poor all over the world amply justify this assessment. If we limit ourselves simply to the statistics furnished by various United Nations agencies, we see that chronic poverty is the lot of more people around the world than ever before. Likewise, ecological catastrophes are multiplying, threatening the very survival of humanity and of planet Earth, and providing potential new sources of conflict. Massive stockpiling of weapons is also a central factor in bad development.

In this era of "globalisation", we need to develop new relations between nations, peoples and individuals to keep pace with the upheavals caused by the prevailing economic paradigm.