Comédie Participation and mediation applied to environmental and territorial issues

COMEDIE is a support program for cooperation, mediation and citizen participation in the environmental and territorial fields.

This website is conceived as an on-line self-learning tool. It doesn’t replace a live training which provides interactivity, adaptation to personal requirements and real life situation settings that are essential to learning. We encourage you to look for training courses adapted to your expectations. But, this website may be useful to you:

- For preparing for a training. Read, search, note your questions; you will share them with your trainees

- For pursuing a training. Back home, for broadening, deepening, strengthening your knowledge

No magic formulas: each process must be tailored to the circumstances and to the goals. Nevertheless, regarding participation, everything isn’t equally valid! This website is proposing benchmarks without avoiding the differences in approach or the controversies which keeps the territorial dialogue invigorating.

The website authors

This website is heavily indebted to the Fondation de France, which supports the local initiatives regarding cooperation and participation in environmental issues and has been feeding the set of case studies. It has been built by a team of trainers and practitioners of cooperation and mediation with the help of researchers. It is based on their acquired experience.