Veblen Institute

Placing the Ecological Transition at the Heart of Social Progress

The Veblen Institute strives for a sustainable society in which respect of our planet’s physical limits goes hand in hand with well-being, social solidarity and an economy built upon more democratic rules than at present. We believe that, as we enter the Anthropocene, humanity as a whole faces an unprecedented choice: transitionning to a different model while there is still time, or continuing to go down the same path as before, while awaiting the catastrophic consequences of resource shortages, reduced biodiversity, and climate change. We want to contribute to this decisive choice, upon which the well-being of present and future generations will depend. We want to do so at the level of ideas as well through public policy adivsing, by showing that it is possible to free our society from the model of unsustainable growth, that a change of course is not only necessary but also desirable, and that the “business as usual” scenario threatens our social wellbeing.