Sustainable Earth alliance

Can we develop a different future for our country as the exodus, poverty and overexploitation?

Can we dream of a healthy and lasting diet in the cities, in agreement with the harmonious development of territories and producers?

Are we capable of inventing new ways of managing our natural resources and land and adapt them to the challenges of the 21st century?

Can we still act for countries with peasants, mountains with mountain people and a coastline with artisanal fishermen?

To meet these challenges, a growing number of social organizations, NGOs, figures, researchers, farmers and fishermen weave since 2003 the international alliance Sustainable Earth.

This alliance aims not only to act from local, but also bring a significant number of initiatives and proposals at the international level.

Sustainable Earth is an informal alliance, made up of individuals and organizations with a with a willingness to work as big as the challenges they face. These men and women together built synergies, a relationship of trust and concrete initiatives.

The origin of this alliance comes from the "APM Program - Peasant agricultures and globalisation" initiated by the Charles Leopold Mayer Foundation for Human Progress - FPH - in 1993. In 2003, the association between APM network members and new organizations like the World Mountain People Association, the World Forum of Fishermen, Alimenterra, ADEPA, etc. .. was born Terre Citoyenne (Sustainable Earth Alliance).