International Alliance of Independent Publishers

The International Alliance of independent publishers is a non-profit association that coordinates a support network composed of 90 publishing houses and 9 groups of publishers from 45 different countries. The Alliance directly or indirectly represents some 400 publishing houses.

The Alliance organises international conferences and carries out advocacy work to foster independence. It also offers support to international publishing projects, which may take the form of assistance with translation or co-publishing. It develops an on-line resources center dedicated to issues of international independent publishing (and particularly to digital publishing through the Digital Lab).

In short, the Alliance contributes to the promotion and distribution of literary outputs from the South to the North, and modestly tries to reverse one-way trade flows. The Alliance participates in improving access to works and ideas, and in defending and promoting bibliodiversity.

The International Alliance of Independent Publishers was established in 2002 by a small group of publishers and by Étienne Galliand – former director and employee of the association.

The Alliance is organised into 6 linguistic networks (see the logos below). The official communications – including this website – are published in the Alliance’s three working languages: French, Spanish and English. This limitation does not convey any political judgment; it is simply an expression of a necessary budgetary realism, given translation costs. We hope that our Portuguese-speaking, Arabic-speaking and Persian-speaking interlocutors – and the speakers of other languages! – will forgive us.