Beyond Borders

This new issue of the Passerelle Collection aims to inspire people to analyse and think through the issues surrounding borders. Indeed, the border embodies a great number of social, (geo)political, economic and historical issues... It is therefore crucial to examine and think deeply about the border and everything that it symbolises in order to imagine an alternative future for territories and their people. We need to move beyond the “migration crisis” narrative to a more comprehensive approach that puts human dignity at the forefront of our concerns.

What do borders look like in a globalised, deterritorialised world rife with “invisible” walls? Why are borders open to some but closed to others? What are the political and economic forces at play? This issue also explores the different forms of resistance and action going on in the world, as voiced by those challenging closed border policies; and it offers ideas and alternatives to the current border regime.

Beyond Borders seeks to shed light on the various forces at work, in order for us to be better equipped to work, through international solidarity, towards achieving social justice and protecting the fundamental rights of everyone.

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